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Every single product we make is totally handmade; it was cut, crafted and stitched by hand using only traditional and sustainable tools and techniques. More on the leather...

But before all that, there are characteristics and values that go deeper than the tooling or skills and will help you better appreciate the bigger picture of our work.


We chose to start with hands-on R&D and experimentation to establish our launch collection instead of merely adopting a few classic and proven designs. This is why it took more than a year, mostly through late nights and pandemic restrictions, to create and establish a unique series of products.


Our combined experience and minimalistic approach is what gives every design a fresh, contemporary style that is hard to match.

About Our Leather


Our work is based on sustainable techniques, tooling and materials.

Unlike some similar businesses operating in the grey or darker areas of the market, we pay our taxes and bills and are glad to know that our work contributes to our local and global community, however small that contribution may be.


Worldwide shipping is not easy and it got worse with the delays mail is facing these days. This is why right from the start and for an indeterminate period we are offering only DHL shipping worldwide and we are doing it for free!

More on our Store Policy here.

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