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We are...

...a team of two, united by a common inner call to push ourselves in an endless pursuit of perfection. We have been friends for longer than we haven’t so one day we found ourselves talking about how we would want some leather products if we did them ourselves..”We will probably forget about this next week…”, that’s how it all started. The products we design and bring to life are the ones we dream of, it’s that simple, then we just hope you share those dreams too!

It is our strong belief that there is some genuinely unique and powerful component in every human being,…when you properly combine these ingredients in a team, it achieves superhuman powers and becomes a being of virtually infinite talents. This is how the impossible is achieved.

Andi is a lawyer by education, with an inner love for leather style and hand made accessories that just couldn’t stay a personal hobby.


His perseverance and obsession with perfection can be found in the analysis and careful planning of every loop and corner, every millimemter of each product,.. he said “This is BS.” so many times before “I like it!”


Marin is an architect and automotive designer and has contributed to some amazing, world-renown designs through his career. If you notice any automotive cues in the lines and details or feel the dynamic vibes of our products, that’s him.

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